Eclipsage Intense Hand cream

Experience and first-hand knowledge of the plastic regeneration of the skin are at the heart of the composition of the Intense Hand Cream. The key ingredient is Tepezcohuite, which has powerful antioxydant and regenerative properties.  It interacts with concentrated extracts of boldo leaves, alpine plants, common mallow, mint, primrose, alchemilla, speedwell, melissa, and achillea.  These active substances of natural plant origin have been selected for their coherence and for their ability to act in synergy, to balance the cycles of skin regeneration, to effectively moisturize skin tissue and to attenuate photopigmentation.  Together, they reduce the signs of skin aging in the hands by restoring plasticity, good moisturization and even tone.  The Intense Hand Cream has a non-greasy texture, penetrates easily and with regular use restores a supple, soft touch to the hands.

75 ml airless tube

CHF 95.00