Doctor Dominique Rheims is a specialist in plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery. After graduating from the medical faculty of the University of Paris VII, he discovered plastic surgery during a volunteer internship in Lausanne in 1981. The following year he returned to train as a plastic surgeon resident at the Vaud University Hospital (CHUV) and at the Lausanne Plastic Surgery Centre.

Having completed his studies, in 1987 he established his practice in Paris, dividing his professional activities between his private office, the Robert-Debré University Hospital for Children and the American Hospital of Paris. He also found time to participate regularly in teaching assignments in Spain (Barcelona), Portugal (Coimbra) and China (Shanghai, Guangzhou, Wuhan) as well as in humanitarian missions in Africa (Chad and Ethiopia).

In 2013, following a meeting with the Hirslanden hospital group he decided to return to Lausanne. Convinced that Mimosa Tenuiflora had a beneficial effect on the scarring process, as long ago as the 1990s Dr Rheims began systematically prescribing it in the form of an ointment to be used in all post-operative care.

In the course of time he noticed that this Mimosa Tenuiflora ointment enhanced the facial skin of those patients who used it more extensively. This surprising result prompted him to research the ideal formula which would make it even more effective, by using concentrated plant extracts selected for their synergy. These long years of research came to fruition in 2015, with the creation of ECLIPSAGE.