The origins of Eclipsage are to be found in the powder made by the Mayas from Tepezcohuite, also named Mimosa Tenuiflora (MT).  The world was reminded of the prodigious qualities of MT in Mexico in 1984 (an explosion at a gas factory) and in 1985 (earthquake): awaiting surgical intervention, the victims’ wounds were covered with MT and they healed!

Unsurprisingly the Mayas’ “miraculous” plant began to be used in creams designed to promote healing.  Dr Dominique Rheims, specialist in plastic surgery, soon noticed that many of his patients were using this cream  – originally prescribed to expedite healing – for their daily skincare. The reason ?  Its positive effect on the quality of their skin.

But how to find the best possible formula to optimise the efficacy of the MT bark powder ?  This is what Dr Rheims set out to do, without any marketing considerations in mind. In the end it took 25 years to develop the optimum phyto-cosmetic synergy with MT and to find the perfect anti-ageing cream, combining patented antioxidant and regenerative properties.